Inside the Game

Inside the Game takes you where you’ve never gone before. Step into a huddle and listen to Tom Brady call the plays. Listen to the communication in the quarterback’s helmet speaker. Pick up the phone and hear a coach communicate from the booth to the sideline. Try on pads and jerseys in the replica locker room. See how you measure up to the Patriots in several interactives, including “Size-Me-Up,” that features a scale where guests can see how many people it takes to reach Vince Wilfork’s weight, the vertical jump test where you can compare your jumping ability to Devin McCourty’s, and test your reaction time game while blocking Tedy Bruschi. The main attraction, especially for football junkies and video game players, is the “Belichick Breakdown” exhibit. Select an actual play from the Patriots playbook and watch Coach Belichick break it down on the “Belistrator.”