Uphill Both Ways by Dan Coda

My favorite memory is the Snow bowl back on January 19, 2002. It was obviously snowing everywhere in New England. I worked the dinner shift at a local pizza place, and being as I had just turned 16, I couldn’t drive yet so my coworker offered to drive me home. My parents’ house is on a hill, and the short way is wayyy to steep to get up in a snow storm. So we took the long way home. Just as we pulled onto my road, literally every light possible in his car turned on, and then the car just died. We were lucky it had enough momentum to get up the little incline we were on and we were able to get it out of the way. At this point I’m about a mile from home, and I’m thinking I’m gonna miss the whole game. My friend says don’t worry about waiting with me. So I started walking while thinking, at this point, I just wanted to get home. It took probably 50 minutes to walk the mile, but I got home just in time to see most of the fourth quarter and overtime. Cold and wicked wet, but I didn’t care!
*picture is obviously not from 2002. It is from minutes after trophy No. 6

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