Frozen Divisional by Gregg Stephens

There are so many memories from so many great games over the years that it’s really hard to pick just one, but I think I will go with the experience we had attending the Divisional Playoff game against the Tennessee Titans in January 2004. I believe, to this day, it’ still the coldest game in Patriots history (Editor’s note: the 4 degree game time temperature does make this still the coldest game in Patriots history with wind chills that reached minus-12). One of the things I’ve tried to do over the years is bring new people to Gillette to experience a Patriots game day and the awesome environment that comes with it. In this case, my wife and I brought our neighbor and good friend Margaret, who hadn’t yet been to a game. We knew the forecast leading up wasn’t great but we were excited about the opportunity. Tennessee was a really good team, and the night time atmosphere was going to be electric. When that Saturday came, we just prepared for the cold. We had all the layers, a great fire pit and planned out our tailgate in parking lot P2 while taking into account the elements (or so we thought LOL). NOTHING could really prepare anyone for that kind of cold but we managed through it! The beers froze pretty quickly so we had to sip the hard stuff while hydrating along the way. Food off the grill didn’t stay warm very long and cold appetizers like shrimp froze – shrimp-sicles for everyone! Using the porta-potties was a challenge given all the layers of clothing and small amount of space inside but we just went with the flow. Our neighbors around the parking lot were awesome and we spent time sharing snacks, stories and a warm fire or propane heater. Once the tailgate was done, it was time to head into the stadium and enjoy the game. As usual, Patriots didn’t disappoint. Adam Vinatieri kicked what had to be a rock hard football for the go-ahead score after Troy Brown made a fourth down catch to move the chains. Then they held on by breaking up a fourth down pass from Steve McNair, earning the W on their way to a second Super Bowl victory. We get together every once in a while and this game usually comes up as a great memory for all of us! Go PATS!

This ball represents the Patriots frigid 2003 Divisional win over the Tennessee Titans on January 10, 2004. This victory marked the Patriots 13th consecutive win while on their way to winning their second Super Bowl. This football can be found in our 21 games display which celebrates the Patriots NFL record for most consecutive wins (21).
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