Fog Delay by Timothy Chace

1997: Home playoff game vs. the Steelers. It was already a foggy, damp day. As always, our season ticket crew was sitting up in the 300 section on those metal benches… It was the first really big home playoff game in forever. The Patriots decided, for some reason, to shoot off fireworks during introductions, and the smoke was hanging in the air forever because of the fog. Our seats were on about the 15-yard line. Pittsburgh kicked off to us and the first play from scrimmage was a bomb from Drew Bledsoe, who was in front of us, to rookie wide receiver Terry Glenn, who was invisible 50 yards down the field in all the smoke. So one half of the stadium started screaming as the ball was released knowing that it was going deep, the other half was silent because they couldn’t see the ball getting thrown, then there was a brief delay for about a half a second of silence followed immediately by the other half of the stadium screaming and rejoicing when Glenn came down with the ball. It was a rather unique situation. Those were the days before everyone became jaded with all the success. Good times.

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