Dig To Sit by Steve Majkut

The Snow “Fireworks” Game. It was December 7, 2003 against the Miami Dolphins. My son, Tom, and I sat in our car on Route 1 for 3 hours waiting for enough of the parking lots to be plowed out since it had snowed so much through the night. We sat in the parking lot for two more hours during several heavy snow squalls. My son and I were among the first into the stadium. We worked our way through the snow drifts down the northwest entrance. We got to our seats in section 113 and Tom dug them out. We met friends to enjoy the experience. The game was capped off with a 12-0 win and snow fireworks. Tedy Bruschi’s interception for a touchdown led to everyone throwing snow in the air together almost like it was planned. That’s what made it look like snow fireworks. It was a memorable day with my eldest son Tom. It was a special day that we shared and will never be forgotten.
Note: I have several other pictures but choose the digging out picture to show what we had to go through to be Pats fans that day.

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