Clear A Path by Warren Macfarland

My favorite memory is The Snow Plow Game back on December 12, 1982. It was a regular-season game played between the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots on the snowy artificial turf at Schaefer Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. With the game tied, 0-0, late in the fourth quarter and the Patriots in field goal range, head coach Ron Meyer sent the stadium’s snowplow operator, Mark Henderson, out to clear a spot on the snow-covered field specifically for New England kicker John Smith’s 33-yard field goal attempt. Henderson had been clearing the yard lines of snow during the game and Meyer instructed him to swerve off the line to clear the spot for Smith, who successfully kicked a 33-yard field goal that gave the Patriots a 3-0 win. (Editor’s note: Smith and Henderson share this story orally in The Hall with the actual John Deere tractor driven by Henderson hanging from the ceiling above.)

On Display at The Hall: The snow plow Mark Henderson used to clear a surface for Patriots kicker John Smith.
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