Buffalo Is Nothing by Steven Mancini

This is one of my favorite Patriots Moments. It was 1989, and as I sat next to my buddy, around the 35-yard line, second row, behind the Patriots bench, it was getting colder and colder. Buffalo was the opponent and had the lead, 24-13, with just less than eight minutes left in the game. I yelled towards the bench: “Buffalo is nothing! We got this! All it takes is a play or two”! A player turned around and acknowledged my enthusiasm – it was running back John Stevens. That was really cool. So, since it kept getting colder and colder, my buddy said his feet were freezing so we had to go. As we left the stadium, we could hear the crowd cheering. As we listened to the game on the car radio on the way back to RI, the Patriots continued to come back. When we arrived to our destination, the Patriots had won! They scored 20 unanswered points in the final minutes to win, 33-24. We missed it live, but felt a part of it anyway.

John Stephens, RB
John Stephens was a first round draft pick by the Patriots in 1988 and remained with the Patriots through the 1992 season.
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