Slow Motion by Keith Morry

My brother, Bryan, was the editor of Patriots Football Weekly and I had the opportunity to travel to Super Bowl XXXVI with his brother-in-law to watch Super Bowl XXXVI. We stayed right in downtown New Orleans and meeting many of the players in the hotel leading up to Super Bowl XXXVI was pretty cool. This was the group of players that would win the team’s first ever Super Bowl championship. While the whole experience was memorable – from visits to Bourbon Street to the parties and Mardi Gras parades – nothing tops watching Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning field goal. I was sitting at midfield and it was like slow motion watching that 48-yard championship-winning kick split the uprights. I couldn’t believe I was the team’s first Super Bowl victory. We got to the postgame party before my brother because he had work to do, but when he arrived at the party, we had the opportunity to take a picture with Robert and Jonathan Kraft holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy. That whole trip was amazing, but watching that kick is a moment I’ll never forget!

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