Worth The Wait by Ann-Marie Fontaine

My favorite memory has to be going to Houston in 2017 for Super Bowl LI with my husband. It was my first Super Bowl and his fourth. We were in the end zone over the “S” in Falcons. To watch the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and witness the first and only overtime in the history of the Super Bowl was priceless. I remember feeling sick to my stomach and shaking as they were driving for the win. In our row were 2 young men who only sat a couple of sections over from us at Gillette. Hugs were exchanged. From a personal standpoint, I have been a Patriots fan as long as I can remember. Two years prior, we watched Super Bowl 49 at home and left the next day to take our 23-year-old to Dana Farber for her consult regarding Hodgkin’s disease. My husband and I had planned to go to Super Bowl 50 if the Pats had been in it as a celebration of the difficult year ended. We put that celebration off one year and it was worth the wait! I have attached a photo of my husband with his champions hat purchased after the game!

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