Punkin and Coco by Fred Blackden

The comeback from down 28-3 in Super Bowl LI vs. the Falcons is my most memorable moment. I was at home watching the game with family and friends. The moment is extra special because my sister-in-law, Punkin, and her best friend, Coco, were sitting on either side of me during the second half keeping my spirits up while we watched it out on the patio. While all my male friends had written off the game and were eating and drinking inside and not even watching anymore, Punkin and Coco were exhibiting 100 percent positive energy, which kept me pumped up even as the score went from 21-3 to 28-3. They are both die-hard Saints fans, but they always root for the Patriots to support me, and I root for the Saints to support them. As the Patriots started coming back, they would pull me out of the chair to dance with me in celebration of each of the Patriots scoring drives, right through the moment when James White dove across for the game-winning touchdown in overtime. My wife would come check on us to make sure we were doing okay and would be relieved that we were having a good time as she thought I would be depressed if the Patriots lost. She would have spent more time with us outside, but had to tend to the other guests inside. Whenever I watch a replay of that Super Bowl, I think of the positively electric vibes of Punkin and Coco and how they got me jumping and dancing with them all during the incredible comeback just as much as the unbelievable comeback itself. For watching a sports event on TV, this is definitely No. 1. By the way, we were all in our late 50s for that Super Bowl, and I don’t think anyone half our age would have enjoyed the moment like one diehard Patriots fan and my two diehard Saints fans!! Just think of The Benson Boogie and multiply it by 100.

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