Best Win Ever by Sharon Doyle

Super Bowl LI in February of 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas was, hands down, the best ever Patriots moment for me. Considering that going to see my Patriots play in a Super Bowl was a bucket-list item that took me more than 30 years as a fan to make happen, there is doubt that it tops my list of memories. This was the year I was determined to go to the Super Bowl come hell or high water even if I had to go alone. I drove by myself for 16 hours from Pompano Beach, Fla. to Houston,Texas, and I was lucky enough to find out on the way that my ticket was in the front row facing across the Falcons end zone. I shared my video of the winning touchdown in overtime with you. I will never get sick of reliving that moment. I was caught on TV at the half when I was about ready to cry, but I never counted our boys out! Included are pictures from before the game, at the half on television, and celebrating the championship after the best Super Bowl comeback and win ever!

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