Championship Time by Cheryl Gundersen

In 2004, I received a Brady 12 watch as a going away present (I was getting laid off from my job). This became my favorite watch and the only one I wore. It seemed to be a good luck charm for the Patriots, too. Then I lost it in 2010 right after the regular season ended. I realized too late what probably happened to it. The Patriots ended up losing to the Jets in the playoffs soon after. I was devastated not only because I lost the watch, but also because losing it caused the Patriots to lose in the playoffs (as very superstitious fans would feel). I tried to find another one, but had no luck. In 2014, a coworker found one online for me and when it arrived, I said, “You know what this means, don’t you? It means the Pats will win the Super Bowl this season… and they did!!! Not only had we gone “onto Cincinnati” that season, but we went on to be Super Bowl Champs…again!

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