What Just Happened? by Steven Parenteau

My favorite Patriot memory was actually in a game that the Patriots lost. It was during the 2005 Divisional Playoff game against the Denver Broncos. We were down, 10-6, in the first quarter and about to go in for a touchdown when Tom Brady threw an interception that Champ Bailey almost returned 100 yards for a touchdown. I was at home watching the game with a family member who’s actually a Broncos fan. I remember gloating a little bit as I was certain that we were about to take the lead. Then the interception occurred and my relative was screaming and yelling the entire time that Bailey was running down the field. I went from high to low in mere seconds. Then out of nowhere comes Ben Watson to tackle Bailey and dislodge the ball. Even my relative was saying who is that guy and what just happened? If that happened now, it probably would have been called a touchback and we would have gotten the ball back at the 20. Just about everybody else would have given up but not the Patriots. Kevin Faulk made an attempt and slowed him up and then Watson finished the job. Not only was he a 250-pound tight end chasing down one of the best defensive backs in the NFL, but he did it from the other side of the field. Even though we lost, I was never prouder to be a Patriot fan then in that moment because Watson and the Patriots never gave up!

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