Meeting A Few Hall of Famers by Linda Batt

My husband and I are both life long Pats fans, since the early 70’s. Been through the tough times, as well as the celebrations. We now live in Atlanta, at times having to hide our loyalty, especially since SB LI!

A few years ago, I was onboard a flight and recognized Rodney Harrison as I passed by his seat. I was wicked nervous as I approached him for an autograph. He turned out to be really friendly and personalized it to both me and my husband. For a long time, that was my most prized Pats possession.
When he became last year’s Patriots Hall of Fame inductee, we decided that our summer trip to Massachusetts would include that ceremony and some days at training camp. Then, I secured 2 tickets to his Speaker Series appearance at The Hall before induction, and I even got to ask a question that evening! I was walking on cloud nine and couldn’t imagine anything better happening that week.

As luck would have it though, we were exiting the stadium after a morning at training camp when I spotted Willie McGinest and Rodney crossing the parking lot heading into the facility. I shouted out, expecting them to wave and continue walking. Instead, they stopped and allowed my husband to take this photo of the three of us. Now, when I see either of them on TV, or hear them on the radio, I recall that moment and smile. Sure, this offseason has certainly been different, but my loyalty remains strong. Legacy players and HOF members like Willie and Rodney who treat fans this way remind me how much I love my New England Patriots! Go Pats!!!

I look forward to my upcoming visit to Foxboro and the HOF induction of ‘Big Sey’ this year!

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