Everyone Thinks by Lee Dobinson

My favorite Patriots memory was the 2019 AFC Divisional round win over the Chargers. I had just returned from a swim camp when the game kicked off. I’d been out since early morning, but no level of fatigue was going to stop me from watching my Patriots. All through the game we dominated them, from short, sharp passing to a ground-and-pound run game. The game was a master plan in how to play football. However the best moment came after the game when Tom Brady was being interviewed and he said, “I know everyone thinks we suck and can’t win any games … So we’ll see.” He said it with such meaning and passion that you just knew the AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs would be a victory. So many doubters were silenced, so many negative comments just destroyed. Pure emotion and pure heart. Watching the highlights always reminds me of that team’s passion. It tells me that no matter what people say, it’s your own internal passion that makes you a winner.

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