Bruschi Backer by Kathleen Lynch

August 7, 2004 my mom passed away. We were having her service the night of 08/09/04 . To take my mind off everything and try to cheer myself up I decided to go to camp. I know it sounds nuts but I needed the distraction and time away from my family and grief. After camp I ended up going “down to the ropes” and Tedy Bruschi came over to my section. Tedy has always been my favorite player! I was a member of his fan club and I yelled- “Hey Tedy I am a Bruschi Backer”. The man came running over and said hello! He posed for a picture with me and it was AWESOME!!!

He will never know what that day meant to me. It was the first time in 5 days that I actually smiled. I have no idea where that photo is now but I will hold the memory in my heart forever! Thank you Tedy!!!!!

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