Swept Away by Mike Reiss

It was November 13, 1994. Unlike most years since 1997, when I’ve been in the press box covering games, this was a time I was in the stands as a college student. It’s one of the decisive moments I remember truly being swept away by the excitement of Patriots football, a feeling I’d never experienced at that level. They were down 20-0 in the second quarter, and while some might have considered leaving, we weren’t going anywhere. We had come too far just to be there, and plus, it was the first time I had ever had seats in the low section closest to the field. Drew Bledsoe throws 70 passes in the game. It’s a 26-20 overtime comeback win. Bill Parcells is the coach on the sideline, Bledsoe is growing into the franchise QB, and the optimism and uplifting feeling after some dormant years was special. High-fives in the stands. Togetherness. Hope. “Can you believe what we just saw?” was the question everyone asked as we left the old stadium. Now, looking back, we can ask the same question about three decades of winning Patriots football.

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