Record Breaker by Tim Brown

My favorite Patriots memory took place on November 13, 1994. My father took me to my first Patriots game on December 11, 1977. That game became their coldest regular season game in franchise history at that time and the wind was terrible. It was like 14 degrees with 20 mile per hour winds. So I was sitting on aluminum benches inside a cement wind bowl. We were huge Patriots fans and we watched so many games together at the both stadiums and on television. I became a Patriots season ticket holder 28 years ago. Now back to my story… Drew Bledsoe was the new quarterback of the rebuilding Patriots. The Minnesota Vikings had a strong team from the NFC, led by future Hall of Famer Warren Moon. The Vikings went up by 20 points (20-0), and the Pats finally got on the scoreboard with a field goal seconds before halftime to trail 20-3 at the break. The second half was an event that I will never forget. I don’t know what Coach Bill Parcells said to Bledsoe and the team at halftime, but a different Patriots team emerged from the locker room. Bledsoe threw the ball all over the field and to so many different receivers. The offensive line gave him time to throw the ball. Drew broke the all-time NFL records for passing attempts and completions – 45 completions out of 70 attempts with 426 yards passing. His last pass was a touchdown pass in overtime to Kevin Turner in teh corner of the end zone in the Patriots 26-20 win. I never high-fived my dad so many times. I was a grown man, but felt like a kid again. My dad passed away 10 years ago. Every time the Patriots play, I think about that game. It was a family event for sure.

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