Crispy Clinch by Jim Barry

December 1985. Sitting in Section 120 Row 10. Patriots vs. Bengals. I was at the game with my uncle, my cousin and my sister and it defensive lineman Julius Adams’ last game at Sullivan Stadium. The Patriots beat the Bengals to go 11-5 and qualify for the AFC Playoffs as a Wild Card team. Robert Weathers’ 42-yard touchdown run late in the game clinched the win. After winning the game, the crowd charged the field and proceeded to rip down BOTH goal posts. After the goal posts were taken down, the fans took one and split it like a wishbone and placed a chunk of it in an empty 50-gallon barrel and proceed to take it out of the Stadium. With this goal post sticking up in the air, they reached to Route 1, and the goal post touched some power lines. About 3 or 4 guys got zapped as a result. None were killed, but they were a bit crispy.

AP Photo

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