BC Patriots by Richard Johnson

I attended my first in-person Patriots game at Boston College in a downpour in November of 1969 and saw our boys lose to the Dolphins by a score of 7-6. The program for that game remains the toughest regular season program to find due to the fact the rain made for a total pulp soaking washout. My dad and I stayed for every minute as the crowd at game’s end had to be only a few thousand. I was also on the field for the wild card clinching Bengals game in 1985 and ran for cover as fans toted the goalposts down Route One and were later electrocuted. And for an all-time memory, Adam Vinatieri’s tying field goal in the snow against the Raiders endures as the moment the earth stood still and the laws of physics went out the window as that ball floated over the crossbar and into eternity.

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