Patriots Love by Andrew Stewart

In 2012, my family finally got season tickets after 11 years on the waiting list. I was able to attend a lot of the home games that year, but at a game against the Colts on November 18, 2012 my life changed forever. I brought three of my good friends to the game, but had moved into the empty seats below me before the start of the game for some elbow room. As the game was beginning to start, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen turned up the stairs and started making her way up. I looked back to my friends and said, “If this girl sits down next to me, I am the luckiest guy on Earth.” As it turns out, I’m the luckiest guy on Earth! She had brought her daughter to the game, we struck up conversation, shared high fives and celebration during an absolute rout of the Indianapolis Colts, and at the end of the game I gave her my business card and hit on her as politely as I could in front of her daughter. 8 years later, and I have a wonderful home, a successful career, an amazing and beautiful fiance, three amazing stepdaughters, our own twin 4-year olds, and a shared love and appreciation for the New England Patriots!

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