Home Game by Amy Paas

My favorite memory was taking my son, Noah, to his very first Patriots game at Gillette Stadium! It was his birthday present in 2016. He had just turned 14 and it was his first year without a birthday party. The date was November 13, 2016 and the Patriots played the Seattle Seahawks. We lost that game, but my son and I won a feeling of home in New England. We live in Ohio and I never liked football until he was born! One of his first words was “touchdown.” We chose the New England Patriots to be our team and it’s been an awesome ride ever since! It’s actually fitting that we became Patriots fans; his initials are NEP and he was born in 2002, the year the Patriots won their first Super Bowl. We have been to Gillette every year since 2016 and it truly feels like home every time we come. Our yearly trips have become a tradition and I cannot wait to come back and make more memories there! Gillette is our happy place!

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