Field Day With Pat by Samantha DeWeese

My favorite Patriots memory has to be tied between Field Day with Dad and my very first home Patriots game. My dad, brother and I attend every Field Day with Dad and make such special memories every year. It means a lot to the three of us. We bond so much over our love for football, and the Patriots. One extremely special memory is when Pat the Patriot was on the field for photo ops. My dad and I had and ongoing joke about Pat. While attending our first home game, we were walking past the movie theater heading towards the stadium, and Pat came out of the door! I was in shock and didn’t ask to take a picture with him. My dad joked with me that we lost our ONE chance to take a picture with Pat! That went on for years. I was never going to live it down! Then when we went to our annual Field Day with Dad trip, and saw Pat on the field, I immediately said, “THAT IS THE FIRST THING WE ARE DOING-TAKING A PICTURE WITH PAT!” Little did my dad and I know, we would end up with numerous pictures with him. That makes us feel very lucky.

The first home Patriots game my dad and I attended was against the Jets. We tailgated, walked through the Hall of Fame, and enjoyed cheering on the Pats especially against the Jets!! We won that game. We had seats very high up and it DOWN POURED. We didn’t have ponchos because there was no rain in the forecast. We stood there, with the wind whipping the rain into our faces, all to cheer on our team. We didn’t have a change of clothes and drove home soaking wet, but it was worth it to watch our team together, just the two of us.

Football is something that my dad, brother and I bond over. It is so special to us that we get to visit the field every year and share our love for the Patriots. I could cry thinking of the numerous memories and laughs we’ve had together, all thanks to the Patriots. Win or lose, we will always support our team! Brady or no Brady! I am crushed that COVID-19 has prevented another Field Day with Dad from happening. We will certainly miss going this year. Nothing will be as good of a gift to my dad than visiting Gillette Stadium and all it has to offer. Thankfully though, we have so many great memories to look back on, between our numerous Father’s Days spent throwing the football, taking pictures, watching highlights, listening to “Crazy Train”, and touring the Hall. No matter how many times we visit, we all still get this adrenaline rush and feel pure happiness because we can enjoy our team TOGETHER!

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