Coast To Coast by Bryan Lupercio

I’ll never forget this awesome moment. Being a California Native I lived out my dream. I had been laid off this exact year being with a company for over 13 years. We had just won the Super Bowl. And I told myself. One day , I will take a train. And go Coast to Coast. When I lost my job. I did just that. To take the Journey and live out my dream. And my Dad’s dream. He is the original Patriots fan. From the Steve Grogans days VS. My Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady era. Always watching the games with my dad. I set out to live his dream in my eyes. I packed my backpack and took that trip cross country. It will always be a memory i cherish. Called my dad every single day acorss this journey. He has medical condition, that does not allow him to travel very far. Or else i would have taken him with me. I even was lucky enough to find on Craigslist a signed photo of Steve Grogan from a Pats fan. To take with me back home to surprise him. When I laid out on the Patriots lawn. I was filled with absolute emotions. Tears ran down my face , thinking oh my goodness. Here I am, at Gellete Stadium. I never got to enter the stadium. But just being near and visiting the fan center. Was just fine for me. I took back Patriots gear for my fellow San Diegan Patriots fans. I will always cherish these photos, the people who i met a long the way. One day if i can afford to take my dad, just to experience what I felt. I will absolutely make that trip! Minus the 4 day train trip. That was too long! But totally worth the venture! Thank you Boston and the state of Massachusetts and Foxborro. For making me feel like the luckiest fan alive. Sincerly- Bryan Keith Lupercio. PS let Bill Bellicheck know. I believe In him!

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