Brady Senior by Jill Rothwell

Gosh. I have so many favorite memories, but one really stands out. It was at 2007 training camp. I happen to win VIP tickets so my son and I were able to sit in the stands where Tom Brady’s fan club …I mean family…were sitting. So Tom Sr. is clearly wicked proud of his son and is pretty much talking to everyone in the stands AND letting people try on his Super Bowl ring. So my son, age 13 at the time, wanted to ask Tom Sr. to let him try on the ring. I’m thinking, “I’d love to do that but my God… my son is 13. Mommy can’t be doing all his talking for him.” So I made myself watch practice, which was AWESOME! The next thing I know, Tom Sr. is standing next to my son, and my son has the ring on his finger. I was like, “Did he just stare you down?” Mr. Brady just smiled. So I got a picture of my son wearing the ring but for some dumb reason, I didn’t ask Mr. Brady to be in picture. It was still awesome though. Then, at end of practice, we got Mike Vrabel’s autograph. He is a fellow Ohio State Buckeye; so it was a pretty amazing day!

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