Brady’s game-worn jersey on display

The jersey Tom Brady wore when he set the NFL record for most passing yards (including the postseason) is now on display at The Hall.

It almost seems, at this point, that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sets some kind of record or reaches a milestone almost every Sunday. So in his typical aw shucks fashion, Brady quietly became the NFL’s all-time passing yardage leader in a Nov. 25 win over the Jets at MetLife Stadium. This record is not only  a testament to  his passing prowess, but also his success, because it includes regular and postseason passing yardage.

The NFL only recognizes regular season yards when it comes to the official all-time passing yardage leader, which is why there was so much pomp and circumstance when Drew Brees set that a record a few weeks ago, but very little when Brady set his record. When he is asked about his individual records, he always falls back on what is most important to him — winning. And let’s not forget, he also holds the record for that. His 230 all-time wins are the most by a starting quarterback and leave him tied with former teammate Adam Vinatieri for most by any player in history.

When asked after the Nov. 25 game if there is a record he cherishes most, he referenced the one they keep track of on the scoreboard.

“Just wins. That’s what we’re here for, to win games. I’m trying to be a part of as many of these as I can and I love being out there with my teammates and working hard and trying to figure out how to get the job done each week. It’s not easy, but we’re just here to win.’’

When one truly reflects on the all-time passing yardage record Brady set on Nov. 25, it may actually more impressive than the regular season mark because it involves so much winning. Brady has played in 37 postseason games with 27 wins in 17 seasons as a starter (not including 2008 when he was injured) while winning five Super Bowls.

So when he completed a 16-yard pass to Josh Gordon in the second quarter against the Jets, he passed Peyton Manning for the most passing yards in the game’s long history. He finished the game with 79,416 career passing yards, which is currently more than 1,600 ahead of Brees. He also is the only player in history — for now — to surpass 80,000 total yards when one factors in his 995 career rushing yards. His game-worn jersey from the win over the Jets is now on display at The Hall.

Touchdowns are next on his list. Including the postseason, Brady has thrown 578 touchdown passes, which puts him just one behind Manning all-time and 32 ahead of Brees. Again, only the regular season is used to determine the true record holder in that category, and Brady has thrown 505 regular season touchdowns, which is fourth all-time behind Manning (539), Brees (513) and Brett Favre (508).

But Brady’s success in the win column, which he deems most important,  is what has helped him set the records that include the postseason.