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Super Bowl LI Strip Sack Football

This was the football Dont’a Hightower stripped from Matt Ryan’s hands to kick start the Patriots Super Bowl LI comeback. This football is currently on display in our Anatomy of a Comeback exhibit.

Snow Plow

This John Deere tractor was driven by Mark Henderson on December 12, 1982. The Schaefer Stadium playing surface was covered in ice and snow during a 0-0 game against the Dolphins until Patriots head coach Ron Meyer directed Henderson to clear a spot for kicker John Smith to kick the game winning field goal.

St. Louis Stallions Hat

Prior to Robert Kraft’s purchase of the New England Patriots, former owner James Orthwein was threatening to relocated the organization to his hometown in St. Louis. Some merchandise was created for the proposed move including this St. Louis Stallions hat which is on display in our 1980 Building Blocks case.

Super Bowl LI Football

This is the football stripped from Matt Ryan


BB Hoodie from win 250