Taking a peak at 2020 Hall possibilities

Last year, the Patriots Hall of Fame nomination committee put forth three worthy candidates – Rodney Harrison, Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel. After a competitive fan vote, Rodney Harrison edged out his former teammates and was inducted last July, joining our red jacket family as the 29th member of the Patriots Hall of Fame. This year’s ballot should be equally as competitive and filled with three deserving candidates.

As the Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon selection committee prepares to meet this spring, here is a candidate preview.

The following players and coaches who have appeared on the ballot in previous years:

Mike Vrabel – 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019

Richard Seymour – 2017, 2018, and 2019

Bill Parcells –  2011, 2012, and 2014

Chuck Fairbanks – 2013

Fred Marion – 2012

Ron Burton – 2007

Here is a sampling players and coaches who have yet to appear on the ballot:

Julius Adams | DE

Deion Branch | WR

Rich Camarillo | P

Tony Collins | RB

Corey Dillon | RB

Larry Eisenhauer | DE

Tim Fox | S

Russ Francis | TE

Irving Fryar | WR

Larry Izzo | ST

Dan Koppen | C

Curtis Martin | RB

Jerod Mayo | LB*

Lawyer Milloy | S

Randy Moss | WR

Asante Samuel | CB

Junior Seau | LB

John Smith | K

Len St. Jean | G

Mosi Tatupu | RB

Ty Warren | DL

Wes Welker | WR*

* Indicates first year of eligibility

Each spring a Hall of Fame committee consisting of mostly media, staff and Patriots alumni gather at Patriot Place to nominate players to be the next Hall inductee. A candidate must be four years removed from his playing/coaching career to be eligible for induction. Committee members are permitted time to nominate a candidate of their choice and explain why that player should be considered. At the end of that process, each committee member votes for his/her top three choices with 5 points for the first choice, 3 for the second and 1 for the third. Those finishing in the top three in points are then placed on the final ballot, which is announced and then voted on by fans via www.patriots.com.