Field Trip Application and Overview

The Patriots Hall of Fame presented by Raytheon field trip application and overview

Thank you for your interest in visiting The Hall as part of a school field trip! The Hall’s popular education program offers relevant, curriculum-based, grade-level modules in different academic disciplines with a particular focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Students will work collaboratively in small groups on real-world projects related to football.

Application Process

The Hall has implemented a new application process for schools interested in requesting a field trip reservation for the 2019-2020 school year. This will allow us to effectively manage the increased demand for programs and will ensure all field trip guests continue to enjoy a positive experience.

If you are interested in bringing students to The Hall for a module, we encourage you to please complete an application. Submitting the application, however, does not guarantee a reservation as demand currently exceeds availability. We will do our best to accommodate as many schools/students as possible.

After submitting an application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your request. If we are able to book your field trip, a Hall employee will reach out by email to confirm the date for your trip and provide further details and instructions for your visit.

Once a date has been secured, you will be sent an invoice that will serve as your field trip confirmation. A final student count is due two weeks before your scheduled trip. The Hall will not issue refunds for student counts below this since staffing and support is determined based on that number. Please note that if your trip is confirmed, we will send you lunch options for Patriot Place restaurants. You will also need to select an education module, which are included within this application.

The priority deadline for submitting an application is May 15, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. Applications received by this date will receive priority, but are not guaranteed a reservation. There is also no guarantee that applications received by May 15 will fill all available reservations; therefore, we encourage you to submit an application even if you have missed the May 15 priority deadline.

If we cannot accommodate your school, we will add you to a waiting list. We will try to contact all school contacts by June 14 to make them aware of their application status. Please complete the entire application. We encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible as we expect dates to sell out quickly.

To download a PDF copy of the application form, please click here.

The Hall Field Trip Application Form

  • Please note that we understand this number could change. The Hall will need a final number 2 weeks before your visit. We will not issue refunds if your group includes fewer students than what you provide two weeks before your trip as staffing levels and support are based on this number. Please be as accurate as possible as we make field trip reservations based on the number of students we can efficiently accommodate to ensure a positive experience.
  • Please list, in priority order, the months you are able to visit. Please note that May and June are in extremely high demand and will fill quickly. We recommend listing multiple months.
  • Please note if you intend to bring more than 130 students, you will likely require multiple days. Please select from above the number of days your school will require based on the number of student you hope to bring.
  • Please list any blackout dates (i.e. MCAS testing days) on which you CANNOT attend.
  • Has your school visited The Hall in past years? If so, please list the school years in which your school has visited on a field trip.
  • Please indicate your first and second choice from the module descriptions below.
  • Hands Down (3rd or 4th grade) - In this engineering activity, students are asked to evaluate the pros and cons of integrating hand recognition biometric technology into the security system for Gillette Stadium. They assess hand geometry codes and the technology required to interpret the code to determine whether those codes would be the right choice for a new security system. As engineers they make their recommendations about the new system.

    How does the Equipment Ship (3rd -5th grade) - In this math focused program, students work on teams to ship authentic player equipment to various locations. Students are asked to gather items from a checklist and select a box for their items. They are then responsible for estimating their shipping weight and determining the best shipping method for their box.

    Build an NFL Football Team (5th - 8th grade) - In this math focused program, students are asked to join their classmates and serve as the management team for a new NFL franchise. Using budgets and statistics from the NFL, students analyze players' strengths, weaknesses and salaries to assemble the best offensive unit. They are also asked to design a team logo and present their proposal in a press conference.

    Helmet Design Challenge (5th - 8th grade) - In this engineering design challenge, students explore, select and arrange materials they feel provide the necessary structure or cushioning for a model helmet. After discussing how concussions occur, and learning about helmet technology the students use their materials to design their own helmet prototypes. The students then test their designs and report on their results using the engineering design process.

    Let's Have a Ball (5th - 8th grade) - In this engineering design challenge, students are presented with a sports related technological problem. A game manufacturer needs help in choosing the correct sports ball for its new game. Students are given specific criteria regarding the ball's performance requirements. They are asked to test several different sports balls for specific measurements and use the data they gather to make a recommendation to the manufacturer.

    Nutrition and Performance (5th-8th grade) - In this STEM-focued module, students step into the role of a sports nutritionist as they learn how nutrition affects performance. As small student groups "meet" a client with a unique set of physical traits, evaluate the clients' daily eating pattern, and make suggestions about how to better align it with the latest in nutrition science-based recommendations, they find out the two critical roles food plays in athletic (and other types of) performance, learn to think about the human body as a system, and consider how some of this system's inputs impact the output (performance) of the athlete. In highly accessible ways, students even get a taste of how scientific observation, mathematical modeling, and an understanding of the nature of variables come into play in the field of nutrition science.

    Marketing and the Hall (9th - 12th grade) - This program offers high school students an opportunity to utilize the Four P's of marketing. Students are given different scenarios before they arrive and are asked to present their marketing strategy approach to one of the given scenarios. They receive professional feedback from our marketing team following their presentations.

    The Hall may also be able to tailor a field trip to meet your educational needs. Consult with our education coordinator to determine if this might be possible.