The Raytheon Technologies Impact

The Hall has worked closely with Raytheon Technologies on several education initiatives including the Science of Sport Science Fair, the Build-a-Bridge experience, The Power to Hear Engineering Design Challenge during which students had to build a parabolic microphone, Science from Scientists interactive educational programs, Mad Science shows, the Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year initiative, and professional development experiences. Raytheon Technologies has sent its engineers to The Hall as volunteers to work with students and teachers and donates $1,000 to the schools of the four Teacher of the Year finalists not selected as the winner.

Raytheon Technologies In the Numbers and By The Numbers

The Hall and its partner, Raytheon Technologies, worked together to develop an interactive game show called, “In the Numbers.” The game is hosted by Pat Patriot, who asks math and science questions to the contestants standing at one of three kiosks. The students, working alone or in groups, answer the question on their screen. If correct, their player moves either 5 yards, 10 yards or 15 yards depending on the difficulty of the question. The first contestant whose player reaches the end zone for a touchdown is declared the winner. The game offers questions at a Pop Warner (elementary), Varsity (middle school) or Professional (high school) level with three levels of difficulty within each category.

In the Numbers” is part of Raytheon Technologies MathMovesUprogram, which can be found at MathMovesU and “In the Numbers” were designed through a Hall-Raytheon Technologies collaboration to keep students interested in math and science by showing them real world applications and how math and science are a part of almost everything we do. Students visiting The Hall love the competition involved with “In the Numbers.”

“By the Numbers” asks users to input data such as force and angles to complete a pass or successfully kick a field goal. Once the data is inputted, the user watches the result of the play on a large screen and then gets to view the equation — the math — behind the result of the play. If their try was unsuccessful, the players are given an opportunity to change their data and try again. The game was created by Raytheon Technologies, which worked with 5 Wits to program and test the interactive with local students.